Mountain Medics is a Colorado, US-based nonprofit organization aiming to improve the health and quality of life of developing mountain communities around the world. Our 501(c)3 tax- exempt EIN is 20-3291559


Founded in August 2005, MMI is a recognized 501 (c)(3) charitable non-profit, nonsectarian organization focused on the all-around health of impoverished mountain communities and their surrounding areas. Why the mountains? Colorado based, our board and staff share an admiration of the mountains for their tranquility, the endless opportunities they offer to hike and climb, and for the people that have chosen to live their lives along side them. The mountains provide a home to some of our world's poorest and underserved populations. 

Influenced by our experience, we have been particularly concerned with the poverty and health care situation in Peru, a society with clear inequities within its blend of indigenous Andean ethnic groups. Our first programs at MMI have all taken place in Peru and have attempted to better understand these inequities and ease the differences between racial/ethnic groups in terms of economic status, education, and health. 



MMI is a member of Guidestar, where you may find our annual 990 reports. 


Our near-term plans are to continue our efforts in Peru, building stronger relationships with the communities we serve and partnering to break down barriers related to their health needs.