Mountain Medics International accommodates overseas volunteer opportunities focused on improving the health and quality of life of mountain communities that provide a home to some of our world's poorest and under-served populations.   

MMI primarily runs volunteer medical and dental clinics to diagnose and treat ailments of patients in remote, developing areas that suffer from extreme poverty and lack basic nourishment and hygiene.  We collaborate with our communities, local health organizations and governments to understand the best approach to support.  Where we lack expertise, we look to our partners.

Our projects are a success because of you. We do the coordination and let you put your skills to work, whether you are a doctor, nurse, dentist, optometrist, engineer, software consultant or just like hiking in the mountains, learning from other cultures, or giving back through service. Take a look at our current projects and how you can get involved!



Find out about our organization, mission, our projects, and the results of our remote medical clinics.

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