Mountain Medics International projects are focused on improving the health and quality of life of mountain communities that provide a home to some of our world's poorest and underserved populations.   

In developing areas that suffer from extreme poverty, lack of basic nourishment or hygiene, health means more than just medicine. At MMI, we aim to promote all-around healthful change and try understand the root causes of ailments we encounter. We take special sensitivity to cultures and traditions where we work and always secure permission from local and national governments before starting any project. Where we lack expertise, we look to our partners. 

Our projects are a success because of you. We do the coordination and let you put your skills to work, whether you are a doctor, nurse, dentist, optometrist, engineer, software consultant or just like hiking in the mountains, learning from other cultures, or giving back through service. Take a look at our current projects and how you can get involved!

A dental exam in the Cordillera Huayhuash region

A dental exam in the Cordillera Huayhuash region

Medical, Dental & Optical Health Outreach Clinics

Teaming our volunteers with local doctors and nurses that know most about the region and culture, we accommodate free clinics to communities with little access or funds to obtain care.  We offer these clinics on-the-go to reach the most remote areas, where some have never seen a doctor or dentist or received an immunization. We even make house visits and where possible offer support to villagers that require better diagnosis, hospitalization or surgery outside of their village. We then document and analyze our diagnoses and treatments, returning to the same areas year after year to encourage preventative health and study progress. Where suitable, we donate dental and medical supplies to local clinics to help maintain good health and hygiene after our volunteers leave.  


Green Sustainable Development Programs 

After thorough investigation, we look to take on the root causes of ailments. Often, cultural norms, education, or economics lead to poor drinking water or unsanitary conditions that exacerbate many of the health and nutrition problems thriving in these communities. We, as vistors, are a part of the problem when we don't clean up after ourselves or set a bad example. At MMI, we promote responsible habits that will help rid these communities of problems such as gastritis, parasites, bacterial and viral infections/diseases and tooth decay. In many communities, discouraging the spread of disease is as simple as locating latrines further from water sources and remembering to wash hands. Other times it may require creative solutions to reduce these problems effectively. Until sustainable solutions can be put into place, we run programs with local health care workers and schools to teach best practices in preventative health. Then, for example, we may team together to build a water filtration/purification system or better managed latrines. With the goal of long-term sustainability, we will always ask locals to take a vested interest in their future health, through labor, maintenance, and costs for any program. We also look for solutions that use as few resources as possible to provide a green and cost-effective answer to community health problems. 


Awareness & Education

Awareness and education are shared benefits between our host communities and our volunteers. On the one side, every furtherance of education we can provide our communities will help them live longer, healthier, and higher quality lives. We donate school supplies to help children that lack variety of material in their education. We involve community members in the planning and execution of all of our projects to effectively encourage prevention and positive change while enabling long-term self-sufficiency. On the other side, our programs expose our volunteers to little understood situations overseas, bringing awareness of other cultures, poverty and our interconnectedness as human beings.  

Disaster Recovery

As the mountains are often inherently earthquake prone, we recruit experts and volunteers for medical clinics, cleanup, and recovery construction efforts in response to natural disasters. While disaster recovery is not our area of expertise, we have recently been supporting Pisco, Peru donating food, medicines and supplies while partnering with expert organizations on scene to help improve health and sanitary conditions.